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Now that LJ has finally introduced their mass-edit tool, I've made the journal friends-only. I will probably still forget to post privately on a consistent basis, but I will also likely remember to fix it again. So you may or may not be able to see examples of my BRILLIANT WRITING and PROFOUND INSIGHTS at the present moment (okay, yes, it will mostly be inanity and personal silliness, but you get the idea). Obviously, you should comment, justify your existence, prove yourself to be someone I should trust not to fire me, sue me, or otherwise bum out my life, and then I can add you and you can add me and it will be SUPER LJ FUN TIME!

Things you might consider including in your comment: A book, movie, or piece of music that you can speak passionately about, a funny story from your past, dirt about a friend we have in common, or a random piece of interesting trivia and what made you think of that tidbit.

Good? Good!


Shaving the Way

Shaving the Way
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I did it. Thank you to everyone who donated, and thank you especially to my wonderful boy, who not only watched his beloved hack off her hair, but also held the mirror for me and took all the pictures. My sea otter also kept me company, and I had a mohawked interlude dancing to a nice little Irish folk band. I had to go to work immediately after, and all the folks at Babyland were super nice. The world is a very breezy place. I feel like a newborn baby, vulnerable and strong at the same time. Being bald is not as scary as I thought it would be, though I am excited to see my hair grow back. I did some thinking about this experience, and I think it triggers a lot of thinking about control. These little kids that are ambushed by cancer and have their hair abandon them, I think many of them can move forward with such grace because kids don't feel a need to control things. They live in the moment, dealing with what they have, not replaying events of the past, or trying to predict the future. I'm not in control of how the past occurred, but I can let go of it, and relinquish control. I can't control how the future will unfold, but I can accept the shape it takes. In releasing my desire to control the world around me, I draw that strength into my center, to realize the power I have over my own choices. I hold the scissors to my own head, I have the will to overcome fear.

Laura's St. Baldrick's Day slideshow on Flickr and you can still donate on my head, by going here.


Last chance to donate to live-saving research into childhood cancers, as I go under the knife tomorrow to shave all this hair off.

And you can stop by the event on Saturday, I'll be shaving early in the day, between 11-1, at Claddagh Irish Pub at South Side Works. The 59U bus will get you there from Oakland and Squirrel Hill. Call my cell or send me an email, and I'll know to look for you.

But, most importantly, DONATE!
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